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china shop Aokman Drive High Quality Foot Mounted Cycloidal Gear Motors for Screw Conveyors manufacturers

Solution Description

Item Description

AOKMAN Generate CZPT High quality Foot Mounted Cycloidal Equipment CZPT s for screw conveyors


one. Housing: Cast Iron
2. Gearset: Cycloid Wheel & Pin Wheel
three. Input Configurations:
Equipped with CZPT ctric CZPT s (AC CZPT , Brake CZPT , Explosion-proof CZPT , Controlled CZPT CZPT , CZPT ulic CZPT )
IEC-normalized CZPT Flange
Keyed Sound Shaft Input
4. Output Configurations:
Keyed Reliable Shaft Output

Thorough Images


1. Huge reduction ratio, 1-stage ratio 9~87, 2-phase ratio 121~1849, greater reduction ratio is CZPT by 3-phase or multistage combinations
two. CZPT performance, the average performance is more than ninety%
three. Compact structure, light-weight weight
four. Steady and dependable procedure, reduced noise5. CZPT provider existence

Merchandise Parameters


Designs Electrical power Ratio Max. Torque Output Shaft Dia. Input Shaft Dia.
1 Phase
X2(B0/B12) .37~1.5 9~87 150 Φ25(Φ30) Φ15
X3(B1/B15) .fifty five~2.two 9~87 250 Φ35 Φ18
X4(B2/B18) .seventy five~4. nine~87 five hundred Φ45 Φ22
X5(B3/B22) one.5~7.5 9~87 1,000 Φ55 Φ30
X6(B4/B27) two.2~11 9~87 two,000 Φ65(Φ70) Φ35
X7 3.~11 9~87 two,seven hundred Φ80 Φ40
X8(B5/B33) five.5~eighteen.5 nine~87 4,five hundred Φ90 Φ45
X9(B6/B39) seven.5~30 nine~87 seven,one hundred Φ100 Φ50

X10(B7/B45) 15~45 9~87 twelve,000 Φ110 Φ55
X11(B8/B55) 18.5~55 nine~87 twenty,000 Φ130 Φ70
2 Phase
X32(B10) .25~.55 121~1849 Φ35 Φ15
X42(B20/B1812) .37~.seventy five 121~1849 Φ45 Φ15
X53(B31/B2215) .55~1.5 121~1849 Φ55 Φ18
X63(B41/B2715) .75~2.two 121~1849 Φ65(Φ70) Φ18
X64(B42/B2718) .75~2.two 121~1849 Φ65(Φ70) Φ22
X74 one.1~3. 121~1849 Φ80 Φ22
X84(B52/B3318) 1.5~4. 121~1849 Φ90 Φ22
X85(B53/B3322) two.2~5.five 121~1849 Φ90 Φ30
X95(B63/B3922) 3.~7.five 121~1849 Φ100 Φ30
X106(B74/B4527) four.~11 121~1849 Φ110 Φ35
X117(B84/B5527) 4.~15 121~1849 Φ130 Φ40(Φ35)

one Phase Ratio: 9, eleven, seventeen, 23, 29, 35, 43, 59, seventy one, 87
two Phase Ratio: 121, 187, 289, 385, 473, 595, 731, 989, 1225, 1849

Set up:
Foot Mounted
Flange Mounted

Foot-mounted Flange-mounted
1 Phase X2~X4 X5~X11 X2~X4 X5~X11
Grease CZPT Oil-bath & Splash CZPT Grease CZPT Oil Pump Circulation CZPT
2 Phase X32~X42 X53~X117 X32~X42 X53~X117
Grease CZPT Oil-bathtub & Splash CZPT Grease CZPT Oil Pump Circulation CZPT

All-natural CZPT

Packaging & CZPT

Firm Profile

Our Advantages


one.Q:What sorts of gearbox can you produce for us?

A:Main merchandise of CZPT company: UDL collection speed variator,RV sequence CZPT reducer, ATA sequence shaft mounted gearbox, X,B collection equipment reducer,
P sequence planetary gearbox and R, S, K, and F series CZPT cal-tooth reducer, more
than 1 hundred versions and 1000’s of technical specs
two.Q:Can you make as for each CZPT drawing?
A: Yes, we supply CZPT ized support for CZPT ers.
3.Q:What is your terms of payment ?
A: thirty% CZPT payment by T/T soon after signing the contract.70% ahead of delivery
four.Q:What is your MOQ?
A: 1 Set

Welcome to contact us for a lot more depth information and inquiry.
If you have particular parameters and need for CZPT gearbox, CZPT ization is CZPT .

Ep’s product selection only involves bronze worm gears. The purpose is easy, bronze guarantees the very best sliding and dry working properties in comparison to other materials. The aluminium content material also makes certain substantial chemical resistance. Worm gears are best for continuous operation at substantial velocity and torque.
china  shop Aokman Drive High Quality Foot Mounted Cycloidal Gear Motors for Screw Conveyors manufacturers

china wholesaler High Torque Planetary Gear Reducer Vertical Mill Gearbox Speed Reducer for Electric Motors manufacturers

Product Description

Item Description

large torque Planetary Equipment Reducer vertical mill gearbox pace reducer for electric motors

NGW sequence gearboxes consist of single-stage(NGW11-NGW121),two-stage(NGW42-NGW122) and stree-phase(NGW73-NGW123).

one.Product Number

NGW Planetary Equipment Models is commonly employed in many regions such as metallurgy, mine, lifting, transportation, textile, cement, light-weight business, chemical, pharmaceutical, dye printing and so on. 

In depth Photos

3.Merchandise Traits
(1) Tiny quantity, mild fat, properly-knitted composition, massive transmission CZPT and substantial load potential. In comparison with the regular cylindrical gear reducers of the very same degree, its bodyweight is reduce 1/2 and volume is only 1/2-1/3 of the previous.
(2) CZPT transmission performance. 1-phase is up to 97%, 2-phase 94%, 3-stage 91%.
(3) The range of transmission CZPT is quite broad, from 1kw to 1300kw.
(4) NGW Planetary Gear Units is developed with difficult-tooth-faced, and can be utilised commonly and in CZPT period of time.
(5) Large transmission ratio 

four.Technological Info(NGW)
Original Version NGW Sequence
Shafts Place: In Line
1 Phase: NGW11~NGW121 Ratio: 2.8~12.5
two Phase: NGW42~NGW122 Ratio: fourteen~a hundred and sixty
3 Phase: NGW73~NGW123 Ratio: a hundred and eighty~2000

New Design NGW Sequence
Shafts Placement: In Line, Parallel Shaft
NAD(NAF) – 1 Phase, Foot Mounted(Flange Mounted), In Line
NAZD(NAZF) – 1 Stage, Foot Mounted(Flange Mounted), Parallel Shaft
NBD(NBF) – 2 Stage, Foot Mounted(Flange Mounted), In Line

Item Parameters

NGW-S Series Planetary Gearboxes
Shafts Placement: Correct CZPT le
Gearset: Spiral Bevel Gear Pair Integrated With Planetary Gear Established
two Stage: NGW-S42~NGW-S122 Ratio: 11.2~eighty
3 Stage: NGW-S73~NGW-S123 Ratio: 56~500

Stage Model Size                   Ratio Rated CZPT
Single-phase NGW11~NGW121  1~twelve two.8~12.five 2. 8-1314KW
Two-phase NGW42~NGW122  1~twelve fourteen-160 .7-517KW
3-stage NGW73~NGW123  1~six a hundred and eighty-2000 .sixteen-47.1KW

Kinds Dimensions Nominal Ratio Input Shaft Dia.(m6) Output Shaft Dia.(n6)
NAD 200,224,…1800,2000 4~5.6




NAF two hundred,224,…five hundred,560 4~5.6




NAZD two hundred,224,…1400,1600 ten~eighteen thirty~240mm sixty~560mm
NAZF 200,224,…500,560 10~eighteen thirty~85mm sixty~220mm
NBD 250,280,…1800,2000 twenty~25


thirty~280mm 80~630mm
NBF 250,280,…500,560 twenty~25


30~80mm eighty~220mm
NBZD 250,280,…1400,1600 fifty six~125 28~170mm eighty~560mm
NBZF 250,280,…500,560 56~125 28~55mm 80~220mm
NCD 315,355,…1800,2000 112~four hundred twenty five~150mm one hundred twenty~630mm
NCF 315,355,…five hundred,560 112~four hundred 25~50mm 120~220mm
NCZD 315,355,…1800,2000 450~1250 twenty~170mm 120~630mm
NCZF 315,355,…500,560 450~1250 25~45mm one hundred twenty~220mm

Packaging & CZPT

Business Profile

Right after Income Support

Pre-sale services 1. Pick gear product.
2.Design and manufacture products according to clients’ particular requirement.
three.Prepare complex personalized for clients
Services in the course of selling 1.Pre-check out and acknowledge items in advance of supply.
2. Support consumers to draft resolving plans.
After-sale companies one.Aid customers to put together for the 1st design scheme.
two. Teach the initial-line operators.
three.Just take initiative to remove the trouble rapidly.
four. Provide specialized exchanging.


1.Q:What kinds of gearbox can you create for us?

A:Major items of CZPT organization: UDL sequence speed variator,RV series CZPT reducer, ATA sequence shaft mounted gearbox, X,B sequence equipment reducer,
P series planetary gearbox and R, S, K, and F series CZPT cal-tooth reducer, more
than a single hundred designs and 1000’s of specifications
2.Q:Can you make as per CZPT drawing?
A: Indeed, we supply CZPT ized provider for CZPT ers.
three.Q:What is your phrases of payment ?
A: 30% CZPT payment by T/T right after signing the agreement.70% before supply
4.Q:What is your MOQ?
A: 1 Set

If you have any demand for CZPT products please truly feel cost-free to contact me.

Lubrication is an critical issue to enhance the performance of worm gear transmission. The worm equipment action generates a lot of heat, which lowers performance. The power sent at a presented temperature raises with the transmission performance. Correct lubrication reduces friction and heat, which increases performance.
china  wholesaler High Torque Planetary Gear Reducer Vertical Mill Gearbox Speed Reducer for Electric Motors manufacturers